Starbucks Cold Drinks Are Half Off on Tuesdays in July 

The Tuesday deal at Starbucks applies to refreshers, cold brew and more

New Starbucks Refresher Credit: Starbucks
Photo: Starbucks

Tuesdays might just become the best day of the week thanks to Starbucks.

Every "Tuesyay," as Starbucks calls them, the coffee chain is offering half-off handmade cold drinks, making it the perfect time to try the new Starbucks tropical refreshers.

If refreshers aren't your thing, the deal also applies to beverages like the salted caramel cream cold brew and toasted vanilla oat milk shaken espressos. All you have to do is add your handcrafted cold drink to your cart in the app, where a coupon will appear. Click "apply" for your cold drink to instantly become 50% off.

Exclusions to the deal include any of the ready-to-go bottled drinks like juices, waters, or bottled Frappuccinos, as well as any hot drinks.

The deal includes one drink on Tuesdays and according to Starbucks, it refreshes every Tuesday at 12 am until July 26.

Starbucks added two refreshers to the summer menu in June. In the pineapple passionfruit, which was inspired by pineapple popsicle and passionfruit shaved ice, is (of course) pineapple and passionfruit flavors, hand-shaken with real diced fruit chunks.

Not only is the new drink refreshing for the summer heat, but it also is low in calories: a grande size is less than 100 calories. Like most of the brand's refreshers, customers can also order the beverage with lemonade for an even more zesty flavor.

The paradise drink refresher is the same mixture as the pineapple passionfruit beverage except it incorporates coconut milk, creating a creamy and dairy-free drink.

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