July 05, 2016 12:53 PM

Starbucks is known for surprising us with delicious new beverages, but their latest news isn’t quite as sweet.

The coffee chain raised its prices just last year, but an accidental glitch last week (in which some customers were charged up to 30 cents more) prematurely revealed that the coffee chain will initiate another hike—effective July 12th. “Starbucks is planning a small price increase on select beverages,” the company said in a statement. The rate increase comes at a time when coffee bean prices are at their lowest, reports CNN Money.

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Multiple factors generally cause price increases, but an analyst who covers Starbucks points towards one in particular. “You’ll never really see anyone cut menu prices,” Peter Saleh, an analyst at research firm BTIG, told CNN. “You’re seeing a pretty big rise in wages, which is the other component of making your coffee.”

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There is no word yet on what beverages will be affected or how much they will increase (though last year’s coffees rose between 5 and 20 cents)—but this certainly means your quest to run through all of Starbucks’ secret menu will cost you a few extra bucks.

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