Not that the holidays are any time to be watching your waistline.

By Shay Spence
December 07, 2017 05:04 PM

While the holidays are no time to be worrying about your waistline, when we saw Starbucks’ latest seasonal creation, we couldn’t help but wonder how much one of them would cost us in the calorie department.

First things first, in case you’re not familiar: The new Instagram-friendly Frapp is available Thursday, Dec. 7 through Monday, Dec. 11 and is made up of “delicious mocha and peppermint are blended with milk and ice, topped with a festive tree made of matcha infused whipped cream, a caramel drizzle and candied cranberries finished off with a strawberry tree ‘topper.'”

Sounds kind of delicious and super fattening, right? Well, that depends on your perspective. According to Starbucks’ website, the Christmas Tree Frappuccino clocks in at 420 calories for a grande 16-0z. size, with 50g of sugar. While that might seem like a lot for one drink, it’s actually less caloric than many of their other popular frozen blends, like the Cinnamon Roll Frapp (510 calories), Eggnog Frapp (440 calories), and the Brown Sugar Shortbread Creme Frapp (430 calories).

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For slightly lighter options that still bring the seasonal flavors, you can try the Chai Creme Frapp (360 calories), the Chestnut Praline Frapp (330 calories) or the or the Gingerbread Frapp (370 calories).

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If you’re insistent on getting in on the Christmas Tree action but are on a stricter diet, though, Starbucks recommends ordering the tall 12-oz. with nonfat milk and no whipped cream, which comes in at 120 calories in total. Though we would argue that without the green whipped cream, what’s even the point? December is the time to indulge.