Starbucks Barista Hilariously Quits His Job by Singing a Song to His Manager

Anesti Danelis penned the song "F— This, I Quit" and performed it in the Toronto Starbucks on Monday

anesti danelis
Photo: YouTube

Most people who quit their jobs address their boss privately — but Anesti Danelis is not most people.

The Toronto-based musical and sketch comedian worked at a Starbucks in the Canadian city's west end for years before recently deciding that he had enough as a barista.

Instead of relaying that message to his manager privately, Danelis did what he does best and penned an original — and hilarious — song that he performed for his boss inside the coffee shop last Friday.

The tune, with the NSFW title of “F— This, I Quit”, discusses Danelis' time working at the coffee chain and his reasons for making the departure. The former barista even enlisted his friends to record the performance, which was posted on YouTube Monday.

“I've been working here for a few years and it's been so nice to work here. My lovely coworkers, I get to see all your lovely faces every day. But I have a song for my manager,” Danelis says to customers in the clip before proceeding to sing.

“Dear manager, I've been working here for so long. I've got something that I want to tell you, so I thought I would say it in a song,” he sings. “F— this, I quit! F— this place, I quit. I don't want to work for someone who treats their employees like s—!”

“I found a way better job, today was my last day,” Danelis goes on. “I know I've got like ten more shifts to work, but f— it, I'm not gonna show up to them anyways. And it feels so good to say, f— this, I quit.”

WARNING: Below Video Contains Explicit Language

The former barista continues his song by explaining why he was quitting — noting a time that his boss allegedly laughed in his face after Danelis asked for a promotion — but tells his manager to shove those reasons up his “venti bumhole.”

Despite the controversial lyrics, Danelis tells PEOPLE that his intention was not meant to be overly negative to his manager.

“The song was a little worse but I was like, ‘I can't be mean, I can't be negative, let's just be an adult about it,'” he admits. “It's meant to be, ‘I've had enough working here, I'm gonna remove myself from a negative situation and move on.' It's about moving on and being happy, cause I don't want to live in the negatives anymore and I think that's what people related to.”

A spokesperson for Starbucks did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

Danelis said he first came up with the idea to bid adieu to his boss and coworkers through song about a month ago.

“Whenever I have a situation in my mind, I'll write a song about it and I just remember one day — I probably had a rough shift at work about a month ago, and I was on my bike — I just came up with a song in my mind and I thought, ‘You know what? I should just sing goodbye,'” he recalls.

anesti danelis
Anesti Danelis. Courtesy anesti danelis

The comedian admits he initially was hesitant to perform — “My mind was like, ‘There's no way you're doing that, you're too much of a coward,'” he says — but after a month, he finally gathered the courage to perform while his boss was in the coffee shop.

“I had pretty much the last day I could do it, and I thought, ‘Whatever there's a guitar, let's just go do it' and I did it,” he says. “It was sorta like a movie moment.”

After he had officially quit his job, Danelis compiled the videos his friends had taken and uploaded them to his social media accounts and on YouTube. Within days, the clips garnered thousands of views, which the comedian, who was nominated for the Canadian Comedy Awards Best Variety Act in 2019, admitted was completely unexpected.

“It just exploded and I was like, ‘Holy s—!'” he says. “It's been fun. People are sharing their stories about their jobs with me, some people are asking me to quit for them.”

“Maybe this is a side business I can pursue!” he jokingly adds. “It would be a fun thing to do.”

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In the wake of his viral fame, Danelis says he hopes his spontaneous quitting inspires others to remove themselves from negative situations.

“I hope it opens people up to quitting a job that they don't want to be in. Sometimes we forget that we can leave situations, we don't have to be stuck in them,” he explains. “We spend so much of our time at work. Some people see their coworkers more than their family.”

“So it's so important to put yourself in a positive atmosphere, no matter what that is,” he adds. “Get out of it if you don't like it!”

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