Credit: Starbucks

Starbucks fans, ask and you shall receive.

After weeding through thousands of ideas from customers and baristas on their crowd sourcing platform My Starbucks Idea, the coffee company announced they will introduce almond milk starting on September 6. The non-dairy beverage was one of the site’s top customer product requests, according to a press release.

Previously, soy milk and coconut milk were the only non-dairy options at Starbucks. Competitor Dunkin’ Donuts has offered almond milk for some time so Starbucks is likely hoping the new development will convert at least a few Dunkin’ fans.

Starbucks—which will charge customers an additional 60 cents for almond milk—developed their own recipe to compliment their hot, iced and Frappuccino beverages. “It was designed so that when steamed, it creates a rich foam for hot beverages and is delicious and creamy when served in cold beverages,” said Yoke Wong, manager on Starbucks’ beverage research and development team.

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Almond milk is not just for those with lactose intolerance. The lactose free, gluten free option is lower in calories and sugar, with just 3 grams of sugar compared to 12-13 grams in 2% dairy milk. And because it is unflavored, “customers can customize to their taste preferences,” says Wong.