Stanley Tucci went viral earlier this year after he shared a step-by-step video of how to make his homemade Negroni

By Georgia Slater
December 26, 2020 05:30 PM
Credit: Stanley Tucci/Instagram

Nothing says Christmas like cocktails!

To kick off the holiday festivities, Stanley Tucci shared a hilarious video to Instagram on Christmas Eve of him making a special Christmas cocktail with help from his sister-in-law Emily Blunt and her husband, John Krasinski.

In the clip, filmed by wife Felicity Blunt, Tucci begins by telling viewers he is going to make a "special Christmas cocktail, a Christmas cosmo."

The actor — who went viral earlier this year after he shared a step-by-step video of how to make his homemade Negroni — explained that his version of the cocktail is a "little different than a normal cosmo" as he replaces the usual lime juice with pomegranate.

Tucci also created a festive garnish for the cocktail which included a "sprig of rosemary, one little leaf of mint and a raspberry."

After muddling the pomegranate seeds, the star combined the smashed seeds with Cointreau (an orange-flavored liqueur), vodka, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice and ice to create the cocktail.

Before he went to taste the holiday drink, Tucci revealed that he had "helpers" off to the side who were working on the garnishes.

"I have these helpers here, I have these elves," he said before the camera unveiled the special guests as his Devil Wears Prada costar, Emily, and her husband, Krasinski.

While the couple was supposed to be working on the garnishes, Krasinski was instead eating the pomegranate seeds, which he then apologized for.

Credit: Stanley Tucci/Instagram
Credit: Stanley Tucci/Instagram

"I told him that was supposed to be the garnish," actress Blunt, 37, said.

"I'm so sorry," The Office alum, 41, told Tucci. "This is delicious, but I did mess up."

"They would’ve looked nice in the cocktail and I tried to inform you," Blunt teased.

The pair then confronted Tucci for telling them to "dress up," thinking that he meant they should come in holiday attire. "Yeah you did say dress up, I’m confused as to what you’re doing," Krasinski said to Tucci, who was wearing a full suit.

"Like wear a great suit? But we bought these hats," Emily said, pointing to the couple's Santa hats.

"I wish your directions of what to dress as were as clear as your cocktails," Krasinski joked before his wife said the debate was "turning awkward like most families on the holiday."

After settling the dispute, the group — including Felicity — came together at a table to enjoy their cocktails. "Happy holidays everybody," Tucci said as the family held up their glasses for a toast. "Stay safe and enjoy."

Credit: Stanley Tucci/Instagram

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tucci has emerged as quite the cocktail connoisseur. In April, he shared a tutorial video to make a Negroni — and his Instagram followers ate (or drank) it up. Commenting on the video, Tucci’s Beauty and the Beast costar Josh Gad wrote, "This is why you are a National treasure."

He's since followed up the initial video with a tutorial for a martini and a scotch sour.