Sprite Ginger Is Here to Rival Traditional Ginger Ale

First we got Cherry Vanilla Coke, and now this.

sprite ginger
Photo: Coca-Cola Company

Sprite is getting a gingery twist.

The classic lemon-lime soda unveiled a new flavor on Wednesday, Sprite Ginger. It has already begun hitting shelves nationwide in regular and sugar free varieties. Both versions have the original lemon-lime taste with just a hint of ginger.

The Coca-Cola Company — Sprite’s parent company — has been busy with innovations in 2020. Recently they announced that Cherry Vanilla Coke will be sold in bottles and cans for the first time ever. Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke have always been sold separately, even though Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine data shows that people drink the mix of Coke, classic cherry, and vanilla flavors more than any other combination.

cherry vanilla coca-cola

To coincide with their newest launch, the Sprite teamed up with streetwear guru Jeff Staple to create a limited-edition “Ginger Collection” clothing line. Staple crowdsourced creatives on Instagram to help design the line. From 25,000 submissions he selected Bluboy, a graphic designer and multimedia artist.

sprite ginger merch
Coca-Cola Company

The collection includes graphic t-shirts, hoodies, a skateboard deck and other accessories all in green and gold, the color of the Sprite Ginger cans.

Sprite is no stranger to introducing new and exciting flavors for its sodas. In 2019 they introduced Sprite Lymonade — a soda-lemonade hybrid. Other successful additions include Sprite Cherry, Sprite Tropical Mix and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry.

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