By peoplestaff225
Updated October 28, 2013 03:43 PM

Here’s looking at you!

Tom Sandoval, cast member of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules and bartender at Lisa Vanderpump‘s Sur restaurant in West Hollywood, has designed an eyeball-inspired cocktail just in time for Halloween.

To create the optical illusion: Run thin streaks of raspberry sauce on the inside of a martini glass to look like bloodshot veins and drop a raspberry-stuffed lychee inside to resemble an eyeball. The fruit will bob and swirl around in the cocktail, which is oddly freaky and delicious-looking at the same time.

Shake up a batch for your Halloween party, and then catch Lisa, Tom and the rest of the cast on the season 2 premiere of Vanderpump Rules on November 4.

The Zombitini

Makes 1

Raspberry sauce, for decoration

1 lychee, canned with juice

1 raspberry

2½ oz. raspberry vodka

1½ oz. lychee liqueur

1. On the inside of a martini glass, make a few thin streaks with the raspberry sauce to look like veins. Insert a raspberry into the center of a pitted lychee (to resemble an eyeball), and drop it in the glass.

2. In a shaker with ice, mix the vodka, liqueur and ½ oz. lychee juice. Shake and strain into the martini glass, careful not to wash away the raspberry streaks.