This thing is grossly beautiful

By Mary Honkus
May 28, 2020 02:20 PM
spongebob nasty patty
Credit: Courtesy Danny Do; Nickelodeon

Admit it — you've dreamed of tasting one of the Krusty Krab's famous Krabby Patties from Spongebob Squarepants at some point in your life. But the Nasty Patty? One self-proclaimed semi-pro food extraordinaire decided to bring the grotesque-looking burger to life.

Danny Do recently posted his version of Nasty Patty on Instagram and the photo quickly went viral. If you're not familiar with the Nasty Patty, the burger first appeared on the cartoon in season three when Mr. Krabs asks Spongebob to cook up a fake burger to keep a fake health inspector trying to scam his way to free food at bay.

In the show, Spongebob used Volcano sauce, seahorse radish, toenail clippings, and fried with old gym socks to make his monstrous meal.

While Spongebob's burger was abhorrent, Do insists that his real-life version was delicious. "this is amazing LOL like, my God, this taste so good," he wrote on the post. To craft his Nasty Patty Do made a turkey burger crusted in pea snap crumbs, and topped it with goat cheese garlic aoili, a pea and turkey gravy, Swiss chard veins, and leaf, and finished it with a cranberry brioche bun baked by his sister.

People were so impressed with the finished product. "Wow. You win. This is insane," one person commented, while another said, "This is real art."

Recreating iconic foods from TV shows has become a popular trend — so much so that some television shows now have their own cookbook.

Most recently, a Friends-themed cookbook was announced, which will be released on September 22 and features dozens of dishes from the sitcom (like Rachel Green's infamous trifle.)