We all know her love of cake knows no bounds, but now she's got her sights set on pie...pizza pie, that is.

By People Staff
April 03, 2017 02:59 PM
Credit: Sofia Vergara/Instagram

We all know that Sofia Vergara‘s love of cake knows no bounds, but now she’s got her sights set on pie…pizza pie, that is.

The Modern Family actress has been gallivanting across Rome, posting pictures to Instagram along the way to remind us that we really need to book a vacation. Joined by pal Franz Serrano Evers, Vergara has been treating herself to wine, pizza, coffee and gorgeous fresh vegetables. You know, all the things you want when you go to Italy.

“From Italy with love, celebrating life and friendship with sister @SofiaVergara,” Evers posted on Twitter.

When not eating and drinking, the two have been taking in the gorgeous scenery.

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“We think we r models but we r not,” Vergara captioned this pic — though we think they look pretty model-esque ourselves!

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If all this has you craving a trip to Italy, well…we’ve got the next best thing: our best-ever pizza recipe (and all you need is a sheet pan.)