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Updated December 08, 2020 12:34 PM

Sofia Vergara is having a love affair — and we’re not taking about her relationship with Joe Manganiello. Turns out there is a certain dessert this bombshell can’t get enough of.

“I’m addicted to cake,” the Modern Family star said on Thursday’s Live with Kelly & Michael. “I have it in my house. I travel with it.”

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Judging from her numerous pastry posts — and recently-gifted box of baked goods from pal Reese Witherspoon — Vergara is known to have quite the sweet tooth. So how can she possibly eat all this cake and look that good?!

“It’s not carbohydrates, it’s cake,” Vergara joked. “I tried a gluten-free cake. I didn’t like, but I still ate it,” she said. And we believe her: Everything from mini rum cakes to decadent chocolate cakes have been known to pop up on her feed.

So when cohost Michael Strahan asked what is the one food she’d bring to a deserted island, her answer was, you guessed it — cake. “It makes me happy … If I’m sad I eat cake. If I’m happy, I eat cake.”

We always knew we loved you, Sofia.

—Michelle Ward

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