'SNL' 's Chloe Fineman Confesses She Hates 'the Taste of Water,' Wishes She Could 'Live on Cold Brew'

"It's definitely a challenge to be on this SNL schedule, hence my cold brew addiction," the comedian tells PEOPLE in The Beautiful Issue

So many stars — not to mention doctors, dermatologists and nutritionists — swear by water's health and beauty benefits. But Chloe Fineman could easily trade in her daily dose of H2O for coffee.

"I hate the taste of water," the Saturday Night Live cast member, 33, tells PEOPLE in this week's The Beautiful Issue. "If I could just live on cold brew, I would."

Fineman credits her late nights on the NBC sketch comedy show for her love of the caffeinated beverage.

"I am an early girl, and so it's really a challenge," she says of staying up late for work. "I found out I was born at 6:45 in the morning, and maybe I'm making this up, but I get up at that time no matter what, even if I've been up really late. It's definitely a challenge to be on this SNL schedule, hence my cold brew addiction."

Chloe Fineman Beauties cake

The schedule certainly influences the Search Party star's routine in other ways, too. "When I'm not at work, there's Pilates, a dog walk, a healthy breakfast," Fineman says. "When I'm at work, I roll out of bed, put on a beanie, hop in a car and hope people don't know I didn't take a shower."

Fineman admits she rarely digs into her "crazy makeup collection that I really take a lot of pride in."

"I don't really wear makeup outside of the show, but I have drawers and bins of it," she explains.

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The California native's makeup obsession started at a young age. While admiring the fuchsia color she wore on set of her photoshoot for The Beautiful Issue, Fineman was reminded of a similar shade she loved as a kid. "This was my favorite lipstick I would steal from my mom at age five," she says. "It was NARS Funny Face."

Fineman names Cindy Crawford as an early beauty role model. "I would draw on a beauty mark, which is an odd thing for someone in preschool to do," she recalls.

Her childhood memories also include flower-covered cakes due to her obsession with flowers, fairies and all things whimsical. "My mom is really good at cake decorating and she learned how to take gumdrops and melt them and turn them into flowers," Fineman says. "A lot of my [birthday] cakes had flowers growing up."

The comedian claims she didn't exactly pick up her mother's baking abilities, but finds herself constantly watching cake decorating videos online. "It is something I watch aggressively before bed," she says. "I follow about 10 different cake decorating accounts."

Still, "I tend to burn things," Fineman says of her skills in the kitchen. "The one thing I can bake is a yam, so I guess we'll start there."

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