'SNL' 's Punkie Johnson Goes to Taco Bell at 4:30 a.m. Every Weekend and Orders the Same Thing

Taco Bell is an "every-Saturday" stop for this SNL cast member

Punkie Johnson
Photo: Mary Ellen Matthews/getty

Punkie Johnson loves Taco Bell so much that its an "every-Saturday stop."

Johnson, 37, is in the middle of her third season on Saturday Night Live and shared with New York Magazine's The Grub Street that no working weekend is complete without the fast food favorite.

"I eat whatever I want, and I go for it," she said in The Grub Street Diet column.

While her breakfasts range from burritos to green juices, and she usually sticks to what's in catering for lunch, late-night snacks are always the same.

"I get the same thing: Mexican pizza with extra Mexican-pizza sauce, extra onions, and replace the beef with chicken," she said.

Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza remains a popular item and menu staple.
Joshua Blanchard/Getty

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In fact, the comedian loves Taco Bell's Mexican pizza so much that she'll leave her fellow cast members and the show's after-party to make sure she eats her staple item.

"This is around 4:30 a.m. because they close at five, and I have to make sure I get there. I'll be at the after-party like, 'Yeah, we're having a good time, but I've got to go to Taco Bell now.' I'll be running. I can't miss my Taco Bell," she said.

Johnson rings in the day after the show with the same mentality, explaining: "I feel like I work so hard during the week, whether my sketches get cut or not, that on Sunday I'm like, 'I'm eating whatever I want. I'm just going to order food. I'm going to sit inside all day, and I'm going to have a ball.'"

Johnson wrapped her first season on the show in May 2021 and made history as the first out Black queer woman to be in the cast.

"It wasn't even a dream because I never thought that I would get there. That's how surprised I was," she said in an interview with NBC News. "I'm just this little lesbian chick from New Orleans who is just enjoying life doing comedy and thinking that's it."

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