The once-popular beverage is expected to return this summer.


Get ready to feel the nostalgia!

Slice soda is officially making a comeback, causing all children of the 80s and 90s to rejoice at the thought of the sugar-filled cans of sweetness.

According to the Chicago Tribune, entrepreneur Mark Thomann is the man to thank for obtaining the trademark rights from PepsiCo and will distribute Slice under the name New Slice Ventures.

But there’s one major caveat—apparently the soda you once loved and cherished will be transformed into a low-calorie beverage. The drink will be low in sugar and instead sweetened with real, possibly organic, fruit juice.


Flavors may include grapefruit, berry and lemon-lime but it is still too early to confirm, according to Glenn Backus, managing partner of Revolution Brands who is teaming up with Thomann.

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“If we were just relaunching it the way it was before, I don’t think it would be successful. … We believe this will be a $100 million brand in the next five years,” Thomann said.

Slice first launched in 1984, but was discontinued in the late 2000s. Thomann hopes to see the beverage on store shelves within the next six months.