Who needs romance when you've got candy?

By Collier Sutter
January 09, 2018 12:23 PM
Credit: Target

There’s no need to find romance this Valentine’s Day—Skittles just debuted a “Love Mix” that’ll sweeten up your life instead.

The brand new bags of the fruity candy are filled with red, white, and pink-colored flavors—perfect for any candy dish.

The sweet news broke when an Instagram post from food blogger Junk Banter went up just before the new year. “Day 3 of ‘I’m Trying to Find Love in the Candy Aisle’ takes us to the new Skittles Love Mix at Target,” the Instagram user wrote.

In the photo’s caption, the blogger also noted the new flavors in the mix are Watermelon, White Grape, Yumberry, Strawberry, and Cherry.

Another candy blogger, Candy Hunting, also spotted the new treat in the candy aisle and offered an opinion on one flavor in particular.

“The White Grape flavor makes me wish these were all wine flavors rather than another Skittles mix of various fruits,” they posted.

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Whether you’re buying the candy for yourself (no judgement) or for some other lucky human, keep in mind it’s a Target exclusive—as confirmed by a spokesperson for the brand to The Daily Meal.

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As of Jan. 7, the Skittles are officially lining candy shelves…so go get your love on!