These menu items are as delightfully terrifying as their coasters.

By Shay Spence
October 19, 2018 11:46 AM
Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for CBS Films

Holly Madison once said that food is “such an important part of the theme park experience,” and we could not agree more.

As we approach Halloween, parks from coast to coast have been feeling the pressure to provide the haunts their audience craves—and that includes cuisine that goes beyond your standard hot dogs and funnel cakes.

With their annual Fright Fests, Six Flags locations across the country have stepped up their game this year (and we don’t just mean by offering people $300 to lay in a coffin for 30 hours). On the culinary side of things, they’ve unveiled menu items that are as delightfully terrifying as their coasters.

From scary-spicy sauces to bloody cocktails to deep-fried everything, park-goers can enjoy these spooky refreshments as they dodge the chainsaw-wielding teens hiding in unsuspecting places.

Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, Texas)

The original Six Flags location just outside of Dallas brings the heat this season, unveiling a sauce made with ghost peppers—one of the spiciest chile peppers known to man—which they’re slathering on five different menu items.

The dishes (pictured above) include: the Diablo Burger topped with cheese, bacon, a whole jalapeño, and finished with the sauce; the Chupacabra Cheesesteak, a classic Philly-style sandwich with spicy drizzle; Loaded Inferno Fries, waffle fries layered with cheese, pulled pork, and sauce; The Hell Hound, a chili-cheese dog with jalapeños and the sauce; and finally, the Demon Claws—chicken fingers fully tossed in the ghost pepper sauce, which are easily the most spicy item of the bunch.

Six Flags Magic Mountain (Los Angeles, California)

Dippin’ Dots are a time-honored theme park tradition, and the iconic southern California location has a new version dubbed Spookies ‘n’ Cream, which is a classic cookies and cream flavor dyed orange and studded with pieces of Oreo cookies.

Credit: Six Flags Magic Mountain

They’re also serving Churro Funnel Cakes, a hybrid of two carnival classics, and the Diablo Dog, a hot dog with jalapeño ranch, sriracha, jalapeño bacon, and fried jalapeños.

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Six Flags St. Louis

For a slightly disturbing way to get a buzz, try their Blood Bag Cocktails at the Blood Bank Bar, which come in Mai Tai, Margarita and Vampire’s Delight flavors.

Credit: Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags Over Georgia (Atlanta, Georgia)

In a nod to one of the best horror films of all time, guests can chow down on Children of the Corn on the Cob, which comes three ways: one rubbed with Cajun garlic butter with fresh jalapeños, another with cheddar and crumbled bacon, and a third piled with Parmesan cheese.

Credit: Six Flags Over Georgia

For a limited time during the season, they are also serving a Colossal Burger smothered with cheese and bacon between two Belgian-style waffles and Deep-Fried Pretzels, which come in original and red velvet flavors.

Six Flags America (Baltimore/Washington, D.C.)

The only thing spooky about their latest menu, the Snickers Supreme Funnel Cake, item is your potential dental bill afterwards—but TBQH, it’s probably worth it.

Credit: Six Flags America

The deep-fried confection is topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, chopped Snickers Bar pieces, and drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup.

If all of this has you hungry, there are only two more Fright Fest weekends left—so bring a brave face and an appetite!