How Simone Biles Is Prepping for 'Dancing with the Stars' —Cheat Meals Included

"Theres nothing wrong with a little sweets here and there," says the Olympic gymnast.

Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Simone Biles is used to intense Olympic training, so a few hours of practice per day for Dancing with the Stars? No sweat.

“I’ve been training my whole life for the Olympics, so this is very different but I’m used to repetition, doing things over and over and long hours in the training gym facilities,” Biles tells PEOPLE of prepping to compete on season 24 of the dance competition with her pro-partner Sasha Farber.

But after her first five-hour session, the gymnast admits, “I’m a little sore. My feet hurt.”

When it comes to her diet, Biles—who teamed up with Kellogg’s to raise money and awareness for No Kid Hungry with the #BucketsforBreakfastchallenge—is sticking to what she knows. “My diet is still the same as it’s always been. Mainly I try to keep it on the healthy side,” she says. “When you’re training for something you want to be in good shape and I feel like I’m still in pretty good shape from the Olympics.” That means starting her day right with foods like egg whites, oatmeal and fruit.

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As a proven fan of McDonald’s and ice cream, Biles says cheat days will still be a part of her life before making her ballroom debut. “I think everyone has their splurge moments, you just need to know how much to eat and when to eat it,” she says.

These days, the 19-year-old is reaching for birthday cake-flavored frozen yogurt, cookies or candy. “Theres nothing wrong with a little sweets here and there,” she says.