Shayna Taylor Shares 4 Simple Tricks to Make Any Salad Better

Plus get her recipe for Deep Green Salad with Spicy Salmon

Boring salads? Not in Shayna Taylor's kitchen!

The model-chef recently took PEOPLE inside her California home for our video series "What I Really Cook for Dinner" and whipped up her favorite Deep Green Salad with Spicy Salmon. The fish is seasoned with warm spices like allspice and cayenne and roasted in the oven before it's topped over a bed a of collard greens, kale, fresh herbs, and more. "Let me tell you this is definitely my go-to favorite salad," she says before digging in in the video.

The recipe is a must-make — but even better, the founder of the Bottle & Stone CBD line drops some seriously helpful tips to make any salad better, not just this one. Read her tricks below, then watch the video above to make her full recipe at home.

Shayna Taylor salad

Heat the Leaves

“I sauté raw kale first to break down enzymes that are hard to digest,” she says. Cook on medium low until barely wilted.

Skip the Stems

Remove any tough cores, fibrous ribs or woody stems that can be unpleasantly crunchy or bitter. “I save them for my dogs as snacks,” she says.

Make It Bite-Size

For large greens like collards and spinach, Taylor stacks the leaves, rolls them “like a burrito,” and slices them into thin ribbons.

Add Brightness

“Herbs bring flavor to things that might otherwise be bland,” she says. Try dill, parsley, mint or basil.

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