First-Ever Sports Humanitarian of the Year Awards

Olympic gold medalist and newlywed Shawn Johnson may be best known for her gymnastic skills, but her current favorite workout is actually spinning.

“I love SoulCycle and any [Nike Training Club] workouts on-the-go!” she told The New Potato.

When it comes to practicing gymnastics and other sports, Johnson, 24, emphasizes the importance of stretching.

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“Gymnastics literally uses every muscle you have,” she said. “I stretch every part of my body before tumbling in the gym, beginning with a simple cat stretch. Before running I always stretch my hamstrings so that I won’t cramp up while running long distances.”

Before and after her workouts, she fuels up with healthy snacks.

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“Before my workouts I usually drink a protein smoothie with a piece of fruit,” she said. “After my workouts I eat anything from a PB&J to grilled chicken.”

And she’s a creature of habit when it comes to her favorite breakfast.

“I always start my day with a cup of coffee and playtime with my dog, Nash,” she said. “My go-to breakfast would be an egg white omelet, toast with Smucker’s strawberry jam, and green tea.”

While she has a healthy approach to her diet now, Johnson revealed last November that she struggled with an eating disorder earlier in her life.RELATED: Shawn Johnson Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder: ‘I Would Eat 700 Calories A Day’

“I was always the very strong, powerful, muscly, bulky gymnast and I felt like people always wanted me to be thinner and lighter and leaner,” she told PEOPLE at the time. “It got to point where my body was like, shutting down. I was on a diet where I would eat like 700 calories a day – all the way through the 2008 Olympics.”