By peoplestaff225
Updated December 08, 2020 01:03 PM

Shaquille O’Neal has been holding out on us: Turns out the 7’1 basketball star could have a second career as a cooking-show host.

In a short new video to encourage people to donate to Toys for Tots, the Inside the NBA star and self-described “world’s most sexiest man” makes two holiday recipes in an Easy Bake Oven — and plenty of hysterical deadpan comments as he goes along.

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We especially love how he encourages viewers to “stir it up homeboy style” when whisking, shaking his hips first to “La Bamba” before switching over to “New York, New York” (complete with lip-syncing and a wiggling Santa hat that gives him the appearance of an animated gif).

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He first whips up a bread pudding, followed by “jeweled tea cakes,” which he says is “a special recipe, it’s for when you invite your bros over for tea, and you’re checking out the Knicks.”

We especially love how he’s almost giving himself a pep talk as he pours in the sugar, muttering, “Drop it in there real sexy like that, so they can see it.” (Duly noted.)

Spoiler alert: There’s a bit of a snafu with the tea cakes at the end, but true to form, Shaq just rolls with it.

—Lexi Dwyer