March 27, 2015 01:25 PM

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Though we know she’s a fan of everything from drinkable clay to homemade beef bone broth, Shailene Woodley‘s interesting food choices never cease to amaze us.

This just in: The Insurgent star also eats bugs.

“I’ve eaten ants and that was great. And June bugs, that was great,” Woodley, 23, told Nylon in a behind-the-scenes video on set of her cover shoot. “I think the future of food is in insects, so we’ll see what happens.”

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And her eclectic taste doesn’t stop there. Woodley revealed she’s also dabbled in pig’s feet.

“I had pigs’ feet in Spain, a few months ago and that was awesome,” the environmentalist said. “They’re so gelatinous and it felt great for my stomach.”

But it should come as a no surprise that Woodley would be interested in utilizing every part of an animal—she’s noted that’s one of the reasons she’s a fan of bone broth.

“I’ve been into bone broth for a long time and it’s really cool because now there is this whole Paleo movement and it’s getting a lot of attention,” the actress recently told David Letterman. “What I think is beautiful about it is that you’re using the whole animal. You’re not just seeking out that perfect cut of muscle meat.”

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—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone

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