Sexiest Man Alive Dwayne Johnson Eats 'Massive Amounts of Cheat Food Once a Week'

Dwayne Johnson was crowned this year's Sexiest Man Alive

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With a chiseled body like Dwayne Johnson‘s, you’d imagine he has never eaten a carb in his life. But the Sexiest Man Alive says that’s not the case, admitting he indulges in “massive amounts of cheat food once a week.”

“It can’t just can’t be a normal, like, ‘Hey, let’s go have some burgers and fries, it’s a nice cheat meal,'” the actor, 44, explains. “No, no, no. With me, for whatever reason, I have to, what’s that word, uh gluttony. That’s the word. Yes. Where it has to be a massive amount of something.”

Johnson goes on to explain that he is just like every other person in America who likes to pair his excessive amount of food with a TV marathon.

“So I have this rule in the house and I drive everybody crazy. One is none. One is none. Get two, three, four, five of it, just a whole bunch and just lay it all out. Big cheat meals,” he says. “Like okay, what shows are we watching tonight? What crime shows are we watching? And then I have these cheat meals and that’s my vice.”

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“And then by midnight, I’m sweating because I’ve ingested too much sugar and carbohydrates and I have an insulin spike is what they say on the streets. [My girlfriend] Lauren’s like, ‘You okay, baby?’ I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m good, good, good, yep, I’m just sweating right now.’”

And the Baywatch star doesn’t hide his indulgences from the public, often posting these cheat meals on Instagram.

Although he is famous for his good looks, charm, acting ability, etc., he also crowns himself as the pancake king, whipping up “world famous Rock pancakes” in the above Instagram video.

“Sometimes it’s a cheat breakfast and we all cook pancakes,” he says. “In addition to Sexiest Man Alive, I am the king of pancakes.”

We know what we’ll be having for brunch this weekend!

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