All of the 'Sex and the City' & 'And Just Like That...' Hot Spots Where You Can Dine in New York City

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and make a reservation at one of these restaurants

Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cynthia Nixon work on location filming the series "And Just Like That..." on July 13, 2021 in New York City.
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And Just Like That... there are even more Sex and the City restaurants in New York City to visit!

It's been decades since Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) first graced the world with their presence in Sex and the City. Through six seasons, two movies and the HBO Max series And Just Like That..., fans fell in love with the fab four as they shared heartbreaks, love stories, friendship dilemmas and single-gal-in-New-York stories.

Throughout the shows and movies, the women also inevitably shared a lot of meals (and plenty of cosmos). Below, we've compiled the ultimate guide to dining in New York City like the SATC ladies (well, minus Samantha in the reboot). Whether it's the group's classic brunch place or the dinner setting of a pivotal scene, these hot spots will allow you to experience some of the most memorable bars and restaurants from the series — old and new. (Also, no surprise, but this story is packed with AJLT spoilers — consider yourself warned!)

Whitney Cafe

And Just Like That... Episode 1

The first episode of the reboot begins at this glass-lined Meatpacking District restaurant inside the Whitney Museum, as Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda run into old acquaintance Bitsy von Muffling (Julie Halston) and discuss Samantha's conspicuous absence from their meal — and their lives.

Smith's Bar & Restaurant

And Just Like That... Episode 1

On the way to her first day of classes at Columbia University, a nervous Miranda — who has quit her job as a corporate lawyer and is pursuing a master's degree in human rights — makes a stop at this local bar in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen for a glass of Chablis ... at 10:45 a.m.

Cynthia Nixon in And Just Like That...
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The East Pole

And Just Like That... Episode 3

Stanford Blatch (played by the late Willie Garson) squeezes in an afternoon lunch reservation with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte at this Upper East Side restaurant. A three-top table is awkwardly converted into a four-seater in the corner to accommodate the extra guest, placing Stanford right next to the kitchen door — which repeatedly slams into his chair every time it opens. But the main topic of conversation is a controversial beneficiary in Mr. Big's (Chris Noth) will: his ex-wife Natasha (Bridget Moynahan).

Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Willie Garson
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And Just Like That... Episode 3

As they wait for Carrie to return from Natasha's office, Miranda and Charlotte sip on some iced drinks at a SoHo location (at the corner of Spring Street and Crosby Street) of the coffee chain and discuss Miranda and Steve's (David Eigenberg) monotonous marriage and lack of sex life. When Miranda goes up to place an order, she hands Charlotte her backpack to find her phone charger — but what Charlotte also finds are several empty miniature bottles of vodka stuffed inside.

Chalait Matcha

And Just Like That... Episode 3

After several attempts to connect with Natasha (voicemails! Instagram DMs! Office ambushes!), Carrie accidentally walks in on Big's ex-wife in the bathroom of this Upper West Side cafe — spilling her hot drink everywhere and burning her hand in the process. That's not the only tea that's spilled that afternoon: Natasha reveals she was surprised to be named in Big's will and is not accepting the $1 million he left her.

and just like that
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Sant Ambroeus

And Just Like That… Episode 4

After a creepy man (aka Carrie's "worst nightmare") flirts with Carrie, she and her realtor Seema (Sarita Choudhury) go to this SoHo spot for Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe and a classic Carrie cocktail: cosmopolitans. Between sips, the women discuss Seema's horror stories on dating apps, to which Carrie says, "Well, I think it's great that you're still putting yourself out there." Later in the episode, Seema tells Carrie how hurtful this flippant comment was to her.

Sarita Choudhury and Sarah Jessica Parker And Just Like That... Season 1 Episode 4
Sarita Choudhury and Sarah Jessica Parker. Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max


And Just Like That… Episode 5

Following a chiropractor appointment, Carrie and her pals brunch at this Brooklyn restaurant when she tells Miranda, Charlotte and Anthony (Mario Cantone), "I'm not an old lady! I have a congenital hip defect." This distinction sparks jokes about "being hip" versus "having hip surgery." After Charlotte scolds Anthony about his sassy comments, he says, "This is my first solo lunch with you ladies — I have to bring it."

And Just Like That
Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Bistrot Leo

And Just Like That… Episode 6

The ladies enjoy French cuisine while talking about the "cold and modern" apartment Carrie just purchased after having looked at 46 apartments with Seema. Miranda asks why she is leaving her brownstone for the new spot, but Carrie says that she can't stay in the apartment she moved into 26 years prior. Carrie says that moving into a new home will help her move on from Big's death.

Le Crocodile

And Just Like That… Episode 6

While dining at this converted-shoe factory in Brooklyn, Miranda's new professor-turned-friend Nya (Kim Pittman) tries to steer the dinner conversation away from children while her friends continue to talk about their kids. It isn't until Nya's frenemy Myrtle (Mandi Masden) announces her pregnancy that Nya and her husband are forced to have a tense conversation about IVF treatments at the table.

And Just Like That
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Quality Bistro

And Just Like That… Episode 7

Carrie's new realtor-turned-BFF Seema joins her, Miranda and Charlotte for drinks at the midtown bistro for conversations about dating. Following her editor (and Oprah!) requesting Carrie go on a date so she can add a not-so-depressing end to her upcoming memoir, the ladies strategize to find an eligible bachelor from dating apps and recently-divorced fathers at Charlotte's children's school.

And Just Like That
Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Au Cheval

And Just Like That… Episode 7

Carrie takes the plunge and goes on a first date with a handsome teacher and fellow widower named Peter (Jon Tenney), whom she met on a dating app. While at this Chinatown hotspot — known for their burgers and steaks — the pair discuss being on first dates following their spouses' deaths. To ease their nerves, they order a few too many drinks, leading to a stomach-turning disaster after dinner. They get drunk and end up vomiting all over one another on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

The Lobster Place

And Just Like That… Episode 8

While eating lobster rolls and crab legs at this Chelsea Market seafood restaurant, Miranda announces her plans to ask Steve for a divorce. Her friends are less shocked about Miranda's decision and more surprised that Charlotte still performs certain sexual acts with Harry (Evan Handler) in the bedroom. Miranda and Carrie are stunned and ask, "Is it his birthday? Is he dying or something?"

And Just Like That
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La Grande Boucherie

And Just Like That… Episode 8

Charlotte plans a mother-daughter lunch date at this French restaurant, so she can have an open conversation with her teenage daughter Lily (Cathy Ang) about sex. Instead, the conversation takes a turn when Charlotte grills Lily about a sexy selfie she posted on her secret Instagram account.

And Just Like That
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And Just Like That… Episode 9

At the start of the episode, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte eat at a corner table at the downtown French restaurant while discussing dating, menopause and community service. Carrie explains that she and Peter (yes, the guy she vomited on in an earlier episode) are not going on another date but rather a "do-over between two people who got sick on one another."

Empire Diner

And Just Like That… Episode 9

Miranda and Che (Sara Ramirez) grab dinner at the retro, art-deco diner in Chelsea, on their first on-screen date since Miranda asked her husband Steve for a divorce. While fans ask Che to take a selfie with them, Miranda labels herself as Che's girlfriend. Che later tells Miranda, "This isn't going to work if you lock us in those limiting relationship're not my girlfriend and we're not dating. We are getting to know each other."

Dante West Village

And Just Like That… Episode 9

Carrie and Peter meet outside this popular West Village restaurant for a do-over of their first date (you remember, the one when they vomited all over each other on the street? It's hard to forget). The pair doesn't make it inside the restaurant this time: Carrie reveals she's not ready to move on from her marriage to Big, and the two amicably part ways in front of the restaurant.

SJP - dante

Percy St

And Just Like That… Episode 10

In the season finale, Carrie has lunch at chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Greenwich Village spot with Big's brother, who wants to know what Carrie plans to do with her late husband's ashes. "He's on a shelf in my closet, next to my very best shoes," Carrie says. "That would say a lot if you knew me better." In a dream that night, Carrie realizes the best place to scatter Big's ashes is Paris. By the end of the episode, Carrie tosses his ashes (stored in an Eiffel Tower-shaped clutch) off the bridge where the pair rekindled their love in the series finale of the original Sex and the City.

and just like that

If you are looking for New York City spots where Samantha and other favorite SATC characters drank and dined, check out the restaurants below from the six seasons of Sex and the City and its movies.


Samantha and Carrie struggle to get a table at this upscale French restaurant, known as "Balzac" on the show, but finally succeed after Carrie gives the hostess ("the most powerful woman in New York") a tampon in the bathroom.


Big and Carrie host their rehearsal dinner at this upscale pan-Asian eatery, which with the iconic moment where Miranda tells Big, "You two are crazy to get married. Marriage ruins everything." That prompts him to abandon Carrie at the altar.


This Chelsea hot spot is the place where the fab four can be seen dining for brunch during most of their conversations about men, sex and everything in between.

Sex and The City The Movie - 2008
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Cipriani Downtown

During a Sunday Bellini brunch at this Soho eatery, Charlotte scans The New York Times wedding section and sees Big and Natasha's announcement.

Da Marino

This Times Square Italian restaurant is where Big first calls Carrie his girlfriend.

Eleven Madison Park

This fine-dining restaurant is the place where Carrie and Big dine after deciding to be friends. Big seems particularly obsessed with the Cobb salad because he is so nervous to tell Carrie he is engaged to Natasha.

Grand Bar & Lounge at the Soho Grand Hotel

This lavish lounge is where Samantha learns Richard (James Remar) is sleeping with other people and where Miranda tells her friends she is having a baby boy during Richard's charity fundraiser.

Il Cantinori

Carrie ends up celebrating her 35th birthday alone at this Greenwich Village Italian restaurant after her friends and Big all have excuses as to why they can't make her reservation.


Jake's Saloon

Miranda looks over her pros and cons list one last time at this Chelsea sports bar before heading to meet Steve on the Brooklyn Bridge in the first movie.

Joe's Pub

Carrie and Stanford go see Stanford's boyfriend's performance at this Cabaret club, and Carrie runs into "Face Girl" in the bathroom.


Following Carrie and Big's City Hall wedding ceremony, they head to this classic New York City diner for brunch with their group of friends.

Loeb Boathouse

After Miranda warns Carrie not to let Big kiss her when Carrie calls her from the bushes outside of this Central Park restaurant, Big attempts to kiss Carrie before they eat lunch, and in her usual dramatic fashion, Carrie tries to dodge it and they both fall into the lake.

SEX AND THE CITY, (from left): Chris Noth, Sarah Jessica Parker, 'Cock-A-Doodle-Do', (Season 3, ep.

Magnolia Bakery

While sitting on a park bench outside of this cupcake shop's original Bleecker Street location, Carrie first reveals to Miranda that she has a crush on Aidan (John Corbett). The pair munch on vanilla cupcakes with pastel pink buttercream, and, because of this iconic scene, "Carrie Cupcakes" are now a staple on the shop's menu.

The Mercer Kitchen

The women dine at this chic restaurant during the first movie as Miranda shares her plans to move out and find an apartment after Steve cheated on her.

The Modern

This French/New American restaurant located in the Museum of Modern Art is where Carrie first informs Charlotte and Miranda that she and Big are getting married in the first movie. Charlotte screams so loudly that Miranda declares she is now "deaf," before Charlotte announces the big news to the entire restaurant.

Pete's Tavern

Miranda casually proposes to Steve while sitting at a table outside of this vintage restaurant and bar.

Sex and The City - 1998-2004
Hbo/Darren Star Productions/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock


In the first film, Carrie and Miranda spend Valentine's Day at this French bistro and Miranda finally decides to spill the beans about telling Big he was crazy to get married.

Russian Samovar

Carrie and Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov) share an intimate first date at 1 a.m. at this exclusive eatery and piano bar.


Aidan and Steve join the ladies for drinks and a few games of pool after Steve's bout with testicular cancer.



Carrie attends the opening night of this pan-Asian restaurant known for its nightlife while on a date with a jazz club owner. When she gets there, she ends up finding herself on an awkward triple date with Big and Samantha.

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