By peoplestaff225
Updated December 03, 2014 12:14 PM

James Franco and Seth Rogen hosted the meat-centric online cooking show Epic Meal Time this week to make — what else? — Korean barbecue lasagna.

With the pair’s much-discussed film The Interview, which deals with the possible assassination of North Korea’s King Jong-un, coming out this month, Korean food is certainly a timely topic.

After the Epic Meal Time cast has a fierce disagreement over their next great food creation, host Harley Morenstein walks off the set in a huff and Franco and Rogen come in as replacement “sauce bosses” — and start making all kinds of jokes. “You know the difference between regular barbecue and Korean barbecue? Korean barbecue has more … Seoul,” Franco quips.

But joking aside, their finished creation is certainly unforgettable: A massive pan filled with layers of kimchi noodles, kimchi bacon, french fries, gochujang sauce, bulgogi (marinated beef), pork belly, and Korean pancakes.

The whole thing contains 33,083 calories and 2,169 grams of fat. “Whoever eats this is going to be lucky,” Franco says. Or maybe just in need of a winter cleanse afterwards.

—Lexi Dwyer