"We are going to have a refined afternoon of good conversations and some libations," says Meyers

Ina Garten likely won’t forget sharing drinks with Seth Meyers, but same may not be true for the late night host.

In a hilarious segment that aired on Wednesday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Barefoot Contessa joins Meyers for lots of cocktails and drinking games at the famed Corner Bistro restaurant in New York City. “We are going to have a refined afternoon of good conversations and some libations,” says Meyers, before quickly chugging down a full Pimm’s Cup.

“I’m in big trouble,” Garten, who was slowly sipping on her drink, replies with a laugh.

First up is a cocktail-making game. The two stars each make three of Garten’s classic cocktail recipes (a Duke’s Cosmopolitan, a Mai Tai and a Whiskey Sour) with a partition placed between them to “prove that I can make them just as well,” says Meyers. Not surprisingly, the Food Network star follows her recipe closely while Meyers takes a more free-form approach to measuring.

After making each drink, Meyers and Garten must taste each other’s creations. “I’m scared,” she jokes before sipping Meyers’ Mai Tai and telling him “it’s delicious.” He replies: “You know, you have a face you make that’s a liar’s face?” before chugging the cocktail down in seconds.

Next, in a game called Don’t Be a Dip, a tipsy and giggly Meyers is challenged to guess which dips are made with Garten’s recipes and which come from fast food restaurants. In a third drinking game dubbed “Whose Feet Are These?”, Meyers brings out a board with photos of Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston on it and asks Garten to match the bare feet to the celebrity.

Finally, Meyers quizzes Garten, asking her to guess which chef has said each quote—and for every one she gets right, Meyers takes a shot—and by this time, they’re both looking pretty tipsy (although, spoiler, one star more than the other).

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To end their afternoon together, Meyers brings out a lopsided, three-tiered birthday cake for Garten, who turned 71 on Feb. 2. “I used your recipe and made you a hot pink butter cake,” he says before attempting and failing to write her name on it with frosting.

“It takes practice,” Garten reassures him. “I love my cake, thank you so much. The best birthday ever.”

Watch the full video above.