August 10, 2015 03:41 PM

Brendan Batchelor/Brendan Batchelor Photography

This high school student knows how to think outside the bun.

When St. Louis resident Brittany Creech was choosing where to have her senior portrait taken, she decided to go with her happy place: Taco Bell.

“Remember when I told you guys I was gonna get my senior pictures at taco bell and you thought I was joking,” Crouch wrote when she Tweeted four of her senior photos, in which she makes traditional senior-portrait-esque poses (smiling, laughing, looking off into the distance) in a less-than-traditional locale.

Taco Bell, of course, was super flattered.

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The full set of Creech’s photos were uploaded last week to photographer Brendan Batchelor’s Facebook page, and the girl is honestly glowing. Glowing. Because that’s the power of tacos.

Brendan Batchelor/Brendan Batchelor Photography

Brendan Batchelor/Brendan Batchelor Photography

We wouldn’t be surprised if Creech started a national trend. Because why take photos in a field or garden when you spend more of your time in fast food establishments?

Remarkably enough, Creech isn’t the first person to take professional photos alongside Tex-Mex cuisine. In July, San Francisco–based writer David Sikorski took engagement photos with none other than a burrito.

Verdict: We’re into it.

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—Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda

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