"I must read 3 cookbooks a week...cover to cover! " Barrymore wrote on Instagram.
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Drew Barrymore
Credit: Drew Barrymore/ Instagram

Collecting cookbooks has become an art for Drew Barrymore.

The actress, 45, recently shared her massive cookbook collection on Instagram — complete with a separate closet to store and display her favorites. "I am a cookbook fanatic and collector!" Barrymore wrote. "Chefs are my heroes. I must read 3 cookbooks a week...cover to cover!"

After diving into so many cookbooks, Barrymore wanted to share her findings with the world, so she created her new Instagram Live show "Drew's Cookbook Club." In each episode, Barrymore will invite a different cookbook author she loves to showcase not only their book but other cookbook recommendations as well.

"My philosophy on cookbooks is there’s always going to be one thing in every cookbook that will change your life forever," Barrymore says in the first episode. "I’m a collector and I want to build an arsenal of recommendations. I’m not a chef, I’m just a food lover. "I’ll be giving cookbook recommendations  but I want the experts to be giving theirs too."

In the inaugural episode, Barrymore recommends Living Lively by Haile Thomas and invites the 19-year-old author of the plant-based cookbook onto the showThomas' book was inspired by her father's diabetes diagnosis. "We went on this journey of healing him without the medication and just by changing lifestyle and eating habits," Thomas explains. "It empowered and inspired me so much because it showed the true, tangible power of food."

Drew Barrymore
Credit: Drew Barrymore/ Instagram

Throughout the show, Thomas gives advice to parents on how to get kids to be more open to trying new healthy foods: "When kids are a part of the cooking process it completely reframes their approach to healthy eating," she says. Thomas also recommends one of her favorite cooking guides The Flavor Biblewhich will "change your life."

The episode would not be complete without trying out one of the recipes from Living Lively: matcha ice cubes. "It tastes like matcha and coconut. It's sweet enough but not overpowering. I'm going to say it's sheer perfection!" Barrymore raves.

"We all have our passions and we fight to carve them out in a busy life. For me, cookbooks are one of my great passions," Barrymore concludes. "This for me is so much more than books — it's about good people."