The Scandal star has an, um, interesting breakfast combination he'd like everyone to try.
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Scott Foley has an, um, interesting breakfast combination he’d like everyone to try.

The Scandal star shook up the food world after he posted a video of himself spreading peanut butter all over his scrambled eggs. His son, Konrad, 2, also appears to be a fan of the unconventional dish. “You want more peanut butter on your eggs?” he says, translating an unintelligible — yet adorable — question from his youngest child with wife, Marika Domińczyk. “It’s a family thing. It’s a protein thing.”

The video quickly racked up 10,000 likes in 30 minutes and now has over 50,000 views. “You guys are insane — insane,” he says in a followup video. “It’s so good. Don’t knock it till you try it. Thanks! Peanut butter eggs. Dig it.”

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While peanut butter is not all that weird for breakfast (we’d gladly spread it all over our waffles), it’s the combination we can’t quite get on board with — and Foley’s fans seem to agree.

“Wow…. it’s been ten years of nothing but love for you, but this may end it all for me!” wrote one skeptic.

“How can I be repulsed and intrigued at the same time?” commented another.

But the actor isn’t phased by his critics. “Love hearing from everyone!! #weirdfood #tryit #peanutbutterismykryptonite,” he wrote.

Admittedly, the nutty spread would add an extra dose of protein to jumpstart the morning but we’ll just leave the PB in our smoothies for now. Sorry, Scott.