The 'Saved By the Bell' Diner Could Be Coming to Your City

If you're a Saved By the Bell fan who's always dreamed of grabbing an after school burger at The Max, you may soon be in luck.


If you’re a Saved By the Bell fan who’s always dreamed of grabbing an after-school burger at The Max, you may soon be in luck.

Saved By the Max, the pop-up diner themed around the show that opened in Chicago last May (and exceeded our expectations), is doing one “final semester” in the Windy City before hitting the road. The restaurant concept will be coming to various yet-to-be-announced cities across the country.

And if you’re really feeling passionate, you can have a say by letting them know you want the Max to come to your city on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Of course, they tapped none other than Dennis Haskins (a.k.a. Mr. Belding) to announce the news.

“That’s right, preppies, you want The Max in your city? Let us know, ’cause we might just be coming to a city near you,” he says in the video announcement.

The Chicago location is also getting a revamp for its final semester, which includes a beefed-up menu, new themed cocktails, and regular celebrity hosts and special events. The farewell run will start on Jan. 6 and last through the end of May before they take on the rest of the country.

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