December 14, 2015 03:05 PM

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If you ever need to find Sarah Michelle Gellar, chances are she’s in her kitchen.

Since launching her kid-friendly baking brand Foodstirs in October, the actress—who is mom to Charlotte, 6, and Rocky, 3, with husband (and “amazing chef”) Freddie Prinze Jr.—says “we spend pretty much 90 percent of our day there. Whether we’re cooking or cleaning up the messes we made – that’s our family space.”

Especially during the holidays, when the actress tackles a long list of baking projects, like her Snowflake Brownies, made from a Foodstirs kit. “My kids are obsessed with snowflakes because we don’t have snow here in Los Angeles,” she tells PEOPLE in their special subscriber-only issue about Holiday Entertaining. “And especially, after Frozen, all anyone wants is snow!”

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Baking, which started as a fun after-school activity to do with her daughter, has now caught the eye of her son. “My son loves to help us,” says Gellar, 38, “especially when it comes to sampling the sweets. He likes to wait for his sister to turn around and then also eat hers.”

And it’s also a learning experience. “You’re having so much fun, you’re forgetting it’s an educational moment, but baking teaches motor skills, mathematics, vocabulary,” she says. “My daughter will read an instruction and it’ll say ‘pour two cups of milk’ and my daughter will look for the number two and she’ll turn to my son and say, ‘ok, Rocky, which one is the number 2?’ And then he’ll point to it and all of a sudden my then 2-year-old recognizes the number.”

And mostly, Gellar relishes the time with her kids. “It’s great to have this experience,” she says. As an added perk, “nothing smells better than a house where baking is going on.”

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–Michelle Ward Trainor

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