By peoplestaff225
Updated November 07, 2014 04:30 PM

Sarah Jessica Parker sure knows how to make the most of a work trip!

The actress is in the Italian capital — shooting the appropriately-titled project All Roads Lead to Rome — and by the looks of her Instagram, SJP is truly immersing herself in the local culinary scene.

From the time she touched down in Rome in mid-October, the established foodie took delight in all the city had to offer — first celebrating her arrival with “Fiumicino Aeroport cappuccino,” which the star called “as good as any ever.” Then it was on to breakfast with a plate of scrambled eggs, swiss cheese, meats, toast, and a vitamin juice, which Parker exclaimed would “hold me over til lunch.”

Continuing her eating tour of the city (Note: you may need to advert your eyes due to extreme jealousy), Parker cleaned numerous plates of pasta, indulged in breads and cheeses and sampled many delicious Italian wines, included arugula-based Rucolino.

She even mastered the art of mixing business with pleasure. Captioning her Instagram photo “Making movies, Italian style,” Parker reads a script while enjoying a glass of wine and a tiny bit of tea. And it also looks like her costars got in on the action.. Another caption the same day says: “The set, hard at work. Legit. A bar scene,” which is accompanied by a photo of cut limes, lemons, wine and beer.

Sarah Jessica, if you are reading this, pretty please can we be your next travel companion? Per favore e grazie!

Michelle Ward