The actress called herself a "true wine lover" when announcing her newest endeavor

Carrie Bradshaw made Cosmopolitans famous on Sex and the City, but now Sarah Jessica Parker is releasing a line of her own signature alcoholic drink — wine!

The actress, 53, teamed up with New Zealand company Invivo Wines to create a line of wines that will launch this summer.

Parker revealed her love of wine in the launch video, saying, “At the end of a work day, I have a glass of wine. Literally, every single day. Every. Single. Day.”

My husband’s like, ‘You want a glass of wine?’ I’m like, ‘Oh no, I’ve already had one.’ Because I don’t use wine glasses, I just use empty jars,” she continued.

The collaboration will focus on Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé wines and the actress will be involved in all aspects of creating the drinks, from naming to designing the bottle label to the winemaking itself.

“I am a true wine lover and I love including wine in family dinners and occasions with friends so this is a very exciting and fun project for me. I’m so looking forward to every single stage of the creation,” Parker said. “I intend to be very hands-on throughout the process.”

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The actress is traveling to New Zealand to see where Invivo’s grapes are grown — and she’s bringing her own pair of “gumboots” (a New Zealand term for galoshes) perfect for grape-stomping.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I feel really lucky,” Parker said of the collaboration. “It’s pretty freakin’ special.”

Find out more information about SJP’s wine, and to be notified when it launches, check out the official website here.