The Food Network star shared her response to the ruling in favor of the Colorado baker who denied a same-sex couple a wedding cake.


Sandra Lee is not happy with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Colorado bakery owner who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

The Food Network star announced on her Facebook page that she would personally find another baker for anyone who has been directly affected by this ruling or had their own personal experience being turned away by a baker due to their relationship.

“I do not believe that it is right to discriminate against anyone,” she wrote. “I believe love is love. Therefore if a same sex couple has been turned down by the bakery of their choice, I will find a baker who appreciates your commitment and loves you for who you are. Love Aunt Sandy.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, Lee calls the ruling “a nightmare and unacceptable.”

“This is disappointing and hurtful and not what America stands for,” she says. “We stand together united regardless of race, gender or orientation.”

Facebook users sounded off with their own opinions of the ruling in the comments, with many people praising Lee’s offer.

“Now I hope he will post his objections on a plaque on the front of his business so that ALL of us who love our gay friends and relatives don’t accidentally do business with him,” one user wrote. “A hate-filled wedding cake wouldn’t taste great anyway…”

“Well said and thank you,” another person wrote. “I wish more people thought like you. It would be a better world if we could all get along instead of discriminate against one another.”

Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission has been a highly controversial case for over five years, and on Monday morning, the judges ruled 7-2 in favor of the baker and shop owner Jack Phillips.

“The Colorado Civil Rights Commission’s consideration of this case was inconsistent with the state’s obligation of religious neutrality,” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority opinion. “The reason and motive for the baker’s refusal were based on his sincere religious beliefs and convictions.”

Phillips offered to sell David Mullins and Charlie Craig other baked goods, but denied them one of his custom-made cakes for their wedding day, citing his religion and belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.