The lifestyle icon poked fun at herself while whipping up a delicious seasonal beverage.
Sandra Lee Easter Cocktail
Credit: Today

Looking for a fun Easter cocktail to make this weekend? Sandra Lee has you covered.

The lifestyle icon worked with TODAY Food to post a short video on Instagram in which she makes a giant pitcher of cosmopolitans garnished with an adorable Peeps marshmallow chick for a springtime twist. The cocktail recipe is simple and the ingredients are ones you might already have on hand, which is a bonus since many people are making fewer grocery store trips due to social distancing measures.

“Guess what time it is? It’s cocktail time. It’s Sandy’s favorite time of the day,” she exclaimed in the video, harkening back to a recurring segment on her hit Food Network series Semi-Homemade. “Let’s talk about a nice cocktail…we’re gonna make an Easter cosmo.”

The only ingredients you need are ice, lime juice, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and, you guessed it, “two shots of vodka.”

In case you missed it, Lee went viral on the Vine app years ago when a 7-second clip of her pouring an exorbitant “two shots” of vodka racked up millions of views. But the celebrity chef has definitely made the most of her meme status, poking fun at herself during the video.

“Guess what is starts off with? Two shots of vodka,” she said with a smile before pouring in the alcohol and cocking her head to the sound of a record scratch. The camera jumped to a close-up shot of Lee making a snarky face. “Haven’t completely lost my sense of humor,” she said.

After pouring in the vodka and ice, Lee added three “nice splashes” of cranberry juice, as well as four counts of lime juice and orange liqueur. “Now, it’s cocktail time. We’re going to use an Aunt Sandy sized glass.”

Next, she added her “favorite trick”: pineapple juice, which she says makes “any cocktail on the planet” better in a moment’s notice.

“If you don’t like your drink in a bar, and you don’t want to send it back, all you need is a shot of pineapple juice and it will be perfect,” she added.

At the end of the video, Lee adds a small purple marshmallow chick on top of the glass to make it the perfect Easter cocktail.

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So far, the video has already garnered more than 100 comments from friends of the chef and fans alike, with multiple fans joking about Lee’s “two shots of vodka” references.

“Once you’ve poured yourself a cocktail and whipped up the perfect, simple spread, sit back, relax and enjoy the day surrounded by loved ones,” Lee wrote on Today. “Happy Easter, everyone!”