The Full Frontal host dished about what she eats in an average day and the struggle of cooking for picky children.

By Shay Spence
Updated January 25, 2017 12:03 PM

Samantha Bee is known for her quick wit and biting political satire, but when it comes to cooking, she means serious business.

In an interview with Bon Appetit‘s healthyish, the Full Frontal host dished on her typical daily diet and the struggles of cooking for picky children. “I have a pretty healthy relationship with food,” she said. “It’s one of the best relationships in my life, actually! We go way back.”

The comedian’s average day starts early, which calls for a hearty breakfast. “I’m awake in the 5’s, standing by 6, for sure, in the kitchen. Today I had a breakfast burrito—refried black beans on a tortilla, with avocado and a couple really nice eggs and some old cheddar and salsa.”

For lunch, it’s a hearty serving of spicy greens — and the only sensory pleasure that matters to her is taste. “I like to sauté kale with lots of garlic and chiles and brown rice that I already have cooked. It’s just an ugly, stinky mess, and I put hot sauce all over it,” Bee said.

As any parent can relate to, dinner is a trickier matter. “That’s the most troubling meal of the day, because my kids are super picky,” she said of her three children with fellow Daily Show alum Jason Jones. “They hate everything that I like. I’m in a prolonged period of making things for the kids that they don’t like and won’t eat.”

She does claim to have one standard crowd-pleaser for the whole family, though. “I keep muffins in the fridge, and I know the recipe by heart. I make them every week. Everyone likes them. Banana chocolate chip with loads of bananas.”

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And, of course, she couldn’t help but speculate on what President Trump‘s State dinners might soon look like. “He’s a fast food guy; he likes McDonald’s. He likes the uniformity of it, and the bleachiness of it. He feels like it’s clean. He likes to have the same experience wherever he goes. If I were attending one of his State dinners—though I doubt that I would get invited—I’d probably have to bring one of my granola bars. Just in case.”

One thing is true in this crazy world: Donald Trump does, indeed, love fast food.

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