'Salt Fat Acid Heat'' s Samin Nosrat Reveals There Won't Be Season 2 — But Another Show Is Coming

The chef and cookbook author will be dishing out a new project, but not in the way you may expect

satin nosrat
Photo: Chris Sorensen

When Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat dropped on Netflix in 2018, the chef and bestselling cookbook author gained a whole new fandom that fell hard for her contagious enthusiasm for cooking — and eating!

The four-part series, inspired by her 2017 book of the same name, explored the four elements she writes are essential to creating all good food, and blends the best qualities of two other Netflix hits — the access and expertise of Chef’s Table and the approachability and humor of Somebody Feed Phil.

So it’ll no doubt be a bummer for fans that Nosrat recently revealed to PEOPLE that there will not be a second season of Salt Fat Acid Heat. But she has another show already in the works that will no doubt fill the void.

“I’m just in the very, very early stages of figuring out what the next show is going to be. It won’t be another season of Salt Fat Acid Heat. It’ll be a different show,” the chef confirms.

She promises whatever comes next will have a lot of the same elements — “travel and cooking and people and all that” — but things are still in the brainstorming stage, what she calls “that dreaming time, when you’re like, where do you want to go? What do you want to eat? Who do you want to meet? It’s like a lot of post-it notes. That’s what we’re doing.”

Part of that dream includes a long (and sometimes surprising) list of places she’d like to visit for the next iteration of her show: “Southeast Asia, Turkey, India. I want to go to Peru. I want to go to Ecuador. I want to go to Disneyland!”

There is one place she’s dead set on visiting, and it’s become a foodie-favorite destination.

“I will definitely make it to Oaxaca [Mexico] this year. That one you can quote me on,” she says, when asked if she’s confirmed any destinations for the next venture. (Season one saw her visit Italy, Japan, Mexico’s Yucatan and her home of Berkeley, California.)

“I’ve never been there and I’ve always been so fascinated by the culture, by the textiles, by the natural light, by the food obviously, by the food traditions. I really, really want to go there.”

There’s no release date yet for the second season of NOT-Salt Fat Acid Heat.

Pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE for Samin Nosrat’s Tahdig (crunchy baked Persian rice) recipe.

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