Why This Video of a Beautiful Man Salting a Steak Has Become an Internet Sensation

Watching this Turkish chef slice through a tomahawk steak appeals to our most carnivorous (and carnal) desires.


At this point it’s pretty much impossible to predict what will become the next viral food craze. 2016 gave us gratuitously garnished milkshakes, rainbow bagels, and frozen rosé, just to name a few.

It seems that this year, though, our more carnivorous — and indeed carnal — desires are coming out. In what is perhaps the first truly viral food video of 2017, we are presented with a good-looking man donning a white deep scoop tee and Lennon-esque sunglasses…slicing and salting a steak. The man, who is actually a well-known Turkish chef named Nurset Gokce, has even earned the affectionate nickname “Salt Bae.”

More than anything, it’s not what he’s doing, but the way he’s doing it. The ease with which he glides the blade through that massive tomahawk steak, then finishes with coarse salt from way up high like he’s doing a shadow puppet of a turkey is admittedly pretty mesmerizing. James Corden even called it “the most erotic” thing he’s ever seen.

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Of course, upon doing a deeper dive on his Instagram account, it’s clear he has many other meat techniques up his sleeve. Removing bones, for example.

Here he is trimming the fat off a filet…in reverse.

He even provides deep-tissue massages for his cattle (before, you know, slaughtering them.)

And here he is just looking really, really dapper standing among stacks on stacks on stacks of ribeyes.

Regardless of why the good people of the internet have become so taken with this man, we’re happy that meat is having its moment. And that steak probably tastes a heck of a lot better than a rainbow bagel.

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