Ryan Tedder's CBD-Infused Sparkling Water Brand Launches Capsule Collection with Louis the Child

The OneRepublic frontman created the CBD-infused bubbly beverage in 2018

Mad Tasty
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Ryan Tedder's CBD-infused sparkling water brand, MAD TASTY, is getting a funky new remix.

The OneRepublic frontman has teamed up with electronic music duo Louis the Child for a tasty new collaboration, Louis the Child X MAD TASTY, which includes a new twist on the original Watermelon Kiwi drink that aims to excite the taste buds and calm the body.

"I am a huge believer in CBD and the effect it has on the human body ... so I wanted to put that in a beverage," Tedder tells PEOPLE of his bubbly brand. "I drink too much coffee and not enough water and I don't reach for water the way I should because I don't enjoy the process, so I wanted to make it fun."

He adds, "I knew automatically that music was the right space for this beverage."

Enter Tedder's admiration for the Winnetka, Illinois-based DJ duo. While the musicians' collaboration on the drink capsule is brand new, the OneRepublic singer says his relationship with Louis the Child members Robby Hauldren and Frederic Kennett goes way back.

"Every time I hear Louis the Child it puts me in the headspace of Coachella," he says. "I just have a lot of really good memories associated with those guys and I have a lot of friends from Chicago who were OG fans when they were starting out so a lot of connective tissue guys — they just seemed like the thing."

And once Tedder — who created the beverage brand in 2018 but officially launched MAD TASTY a year later at 2019's Coachella Festival — presented the DJ and production pair with the collaboration opportunity, the rest was history.

"The first time I met Ryan was at a release party for our EP Kids In Play and I talked with him, and we were drinking that same type of water, so I think that definitely played a role in coming full circle," Hauldren tells PEOPLE of now being apart of the drink capsule with Tedder.

The DJ duo originally planned to launch their limited edition MAD TASTY collection at Coachella in April, butut due to the global coronavirus outbreak, the group's plans changed.

Now, instead of giving away the drink at Coachella parties, the group, along with Tedder, made the decision to sell the 5,000 cans from the capsule collection and donate 100 percent of the proceeds to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, an organization that provides immediate assistance to musicians and music industry workers who have been affected by coronavirus.

"We saw an opportunity to use the cans that we created for Coachella, rather than holding on to them, releasing them now, selling them online and donating the money that we make from it," Hauldren says.

Louis the Child X MAD TASTY
Louis the Child X MAD TASTY capsule collection. MAD TASTY
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Louis the Child.

He continues: "The biggest thing for me is just the fact that we're able to donate the proceeds to something we believe in ... It's really special that we're in the music business, Ryan's in the music business, and we're helping out other people in our industry and we were able to turn this situation into something positive."

And apart from guzzling the bubbly hemp-infused product —which offers a "unique mixture of clarity and calm without the high," according to its website — Louis the Child has also been adjusting to life at their homes in Los Angeles while isolating amid the pandemic.

"For me, I've been spending a lot of time practicing my instruments and doing a lot of reading. I have a bunch of different poetry books, a lot of different art books — I'm keeping myself visually inspired, mentally inspired with learning new things," Kennett says.

"I haven't been cooking so much," he admits. "Shout out to Postmates and Instacart too. I just love the food in L.A., and I'm such a foodie, so why not order food?"

And while Kennett is thankful for his food delivery, Tedder says that his at-home isolation has allowed him to spend a little bit more time in the kitchen.

"I was already very much a food boy," the singer says. "I'm friends with a handful of chefs just from traveling and touring. I worked in restaurants for years and I actually loved it. I loved the chaos. I loved the pace. I loved the energy."

In addition to the Louis the Child X MAD TASTY launch, the music group is also preparing for the drop of their debut album, Here for Now, on Friday — which they finished recording right before the stay-at-home order was first issued in California

"We turned in all of our pieces right before quarantine started, so we were able to get creative and then kind of celebrate the album being done," Kennett explains.

And though the duo isn't fully celebrating in the way they had expected, both Hauldren and Kennett are excited for their music to be released, hoping people will enjoy and appreciate the album's meaningful message.

"A big message of the album is about appreciating the gift of life and being a good member of the world ... contributing to making sure everyone gets the best life that they can live, and knowing that you have the power to make a change," Hauldren says. "You have the power to make everyone's life better if you so choose."

"We only get this one life, and you can consciously work to make it a beautiful one, a good one," Kennett adds. "When you realize that you only have this short period of magical time where it's like, you are here, you're breathing, you're alive, there's something magical in just the fact that you exist. We have beautiful trees and beautiful plants and breathe air, and it feels incredible. Focus on how air feels. And there's just magic to being alive."

Shop the Louis the Child X MAD TASTY capsule collection here.

Here for Now drops on Friday.

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