Thin Mints and Grape Nuts Cereal? Ryan Seacrest Reveals 'Life-Changing' Girl Scout Cookie Hack

"It's mint milk!" Ryan Seacrest said on Wednesday's Live with Kelly and Ryan of his cookie-cereal mashup

Ryan Seacrest, Thin Mints
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Ryan Seacrest has a hack for eating Thin Mints, though his TV co-host Kelly Ripa won't be trying it anytime soon.

On Wednesday's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the American Idol star told Ripa about his favorite way to enjoy the Girl Scout Cookies classic. He explained that combing Thin Mints in Grape Nuts cereal is "life-changing" — and something he's been doing since he was a kid.

"When I was a Webelo — I was a Webelo, then a Boy Scout — we would buy the Girl Scout cookies," Seacrest, 47, recalled. "We would get Thin Mints and Tagalongs and I discovered, putting the Thin Mints in the bottom of your cereal bowl and then putting your cereal on top changed the milk to be the greatest flavor ever. Then put your cereal, your Grape Nuts, on top of the soggy Thin Mints."

Ripa, 51, immediately knocked the idea. "You want mint-flavored cereal?" she asked, a disgusted expression coming across her face earlier. "No no no."

"It's mint milk!" Seacrest insisted. "It's good!"

Perhaps the reason why Ripa wasn't interested was because she's not a fan of Thin Mints in the first place.

"Thin Mints are apparently America's favorite," Ripa explained. "Not mine. I like Samoas and I'm not sorry about that."

She went on to sing the praises of "the caramely, coconuty" cookies. "[It's] basically a protein bar shaped like a cookie so it's healthy in my mind," Ripa joked.

Girl Scout cookies
Girl Scout cookies. John Moore/Getty

Girl Scout cookie season officially kicked off on Tuesday.

Cookie enthusiasts can now get their hands all the iconic Girl Scout cookie flavors people have grown to love, including the ever-popular Thin Mints, Samoas (or Caramel deLites), Tagalongs (or Peanut Butter Patties), Do-si-dos (or Peanut Butter Sandwich), Shortbread (or Trefoils), Toffee-tastic, Caramel Chocolate Chip, Lemon-Ups, Lemonades and Girl Scout S'mores. The French Toast-inspired Toast-Yay!, which were introduced in 2021, will also be available, as well as a decadent new cookie — Adventurefuls, a brownie-inspired treat featuring a caramel-flavored cream center, a drizzle of chocolate sauce, and a touch of sea salt.

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Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, much like the past two seasons, the Girl Scouts organization says troops are prepared to sell cookies in-person, digitally or both.

And they've partnered with on-demand delivery platform DoorDash to give cookie aficionados one more way to get their hands on these beloved sweet treats. Simple search "Girl Scouts" in the app to find a local troop.

"Through this collaboration, we aim to provide access and opportunity for Girl Scouts, while providing their neighborhoods with safe, efficient, and enjoyable ways to support their local troops," said Shanna Prevé, DoorDash's VP of strategic partnerships and business development.

Girl Scout Cookie season typically runs from January through April, but local timing and product availability may vary. Visit to find cookie booths in your area or text COOKIES to 59618 for more cookie information.

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