Ryan Seacrest Is Eating Well! 5 Diet Tips from His Chef-Girlfriend Shayna Taylor

As their relationship continues to heat up, one thing is clear: The Live! co-host is not going hungry.

As Ryan Seacrest‘s relationship with live-in girlfriend Shayna Taylor continues to heat up, one thing is clear: He’s not going hungry.

According to Seacrest’s Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host Kelly Ripa, Taylor has “got it all”—and evidently that includes a laundry list of culinary skills. Taylor, who is a model and personal chef, regularly posts her recipes and healthy eating tips on her Instagram account. Here are 5 easy ways to lighten up your diet (and experiment in the kitchen!) with a little inspiration from Taylor.

1. Make your own almond milk.

For the lactose intolerant or those who just want to cut back on dairy, almond milk is a beloved alternative. While there are a lot of great store-bought options, the only way to truly control what’s in it is to make it yourself. Taylor’s recipe, which she shared on her Instagram story, requires only two ingredients—almonds and water. She soaks the nuts in Icelandic Glacial bottled water (very fancy) until they’re softened, then puts them through a juicer.

Once it’s done, she uses it in beverages like hot cocoa and matcha lattes.

“Ever since I started making my own almond milk, I can’t drink store bought,” she captioned.

Shayna Taylor/Instagram

2. Cut down on the carbs.

Even at a fast food joint like In-N-Out, Taylor goes for the bread-free burger option that’s wrapped in iceberg lettuce.

Her other low-carb alternatives to heavier take-out foods include Turkey Taco Salad and Thai Chicken Salad.

3. When in doubt, grab some fresh produce.

Fruits and veggies and at their most nutritious (and delicious) when they are in season, and Taylor seems to stock up on all the good stuff when she goes to the farmer’s market.

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4. Seafood is your friend.

The health benefits of a seafood-rich, Mediterranean-style diet have been well-documented, and Taylor makes sure to get plenty of fish into her eating regimen. Whether it’s smoked salmon on gluten-free toast for breakfast or an elegant whole roasted branzino with vegetables for dinner, she’s got ideas for every meal of the day.

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5. Don’t forget to indulge every once in a while.

Even the most disciplined eaters need to take a cheat day every now and then. Seacrest and Taylor don’t shy away from a glass of wine or two on their date nights out.

And when jet-setting across the globe, all bets are off.


“Safe to say I’ve gained a few pounds . . . but it was all worth it!,” she recently captioned a photo from her trip to Spain.

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