The new 1.75 liter of gin can help parents with subjects like "whatever the f—k new math is," the actor teases
Ryan Reynolds Instagram
Credit: Ryan Reynolds Instagram

Ryan Reynolds has found the perfect solution to home school.

On Thursday, the actor introduced a new variation of his Aviation American Gin, to help parents get through the trying time of homeschooling their kids amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In the serious-yet-hilarious ad for Aviation American Gin: Home School Edition, Reynolds, 43, explains that the latest version of the drink contains "more ounces" to help with "a variety of subjects" that kids may be working on.

"It’s back to school time, which this year has a whole new meaning," Reynolds says in the ad, as classical music plays in the background.

"That's why today I’m introducing Aviation American Gin: Home School edition. It’s just like the classic delicious Aviation Gin that you love but with more ounces," he continues.

"It can help with a variety of subjects: fourth-grade geography, whatever the f—k new math is, and revisiting your own, long-forgotten middle school traumas," he teases.

As the ad comes to a close, a school bell sounds and Reynolds groans, "Middle school is the f--king worst."

Reynolds joked in the caption that the 1.75 liter of gin is the "Official sponsor of Parent-Gin conferences."

Aviation Gin
Credit: Ryan Reynolds Instagram

Reynolds also included a picture of the new bottle on his Instagram Story to prove he wasn't making up his latest creation.

"Yup. It's a real thing," he wrote.

Reynolds became a co-owner of the American style gin label in 2018. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that year, he encouraged fans to email him at the company after sharing the six-paragraph out of office reply he wrote ahead of Father's Day.

“This is only my 2nd OUT OF OFFICE REPLY,” his message read at the time. “From what I’m told, it should be short, sweet and NEVER overly personal or emotional.”

"Owning a gin company has been one of the great privileges of my life. And while it won’t quite make up for the nonexistent relationship I had with my father, it always warms my heart to see others celebrating paternal relationships which have been built on trust, warmth, and totally natural amounts of eye contact," he said. "While my own father may be long gone, the unspoken tension we shared is alive and well."

"This Father’s Day, you may not be able to give Dad a second chance, but you CAN get him a bottle Aviation American Gin. Or, if he died before either of you could even begin to comprehend the importance of closure, just get yourself a bottle."