Watch Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Call a 'Truce' to Their Social Media Feud in New Ads

The actors' ongoing social media war has come to an end—sort of.

Photo: Hugh Jackman/Instagram

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have finally called a truce.

After years of playfully feuding back and forth on social media, the actors are putting an end to it and are celebrating the moment by agreeing to star in each other’s commercials for their respective beverage companies.

Reynolds posted on Instagram on Jan. 31, writing: “As a gesture of goodwill, I’m gonna make a beautiful ad for his company, Laughing Man Coffee. Can’t wait!”

Jackman shared the same photo and a similar caption on his Instagram account as well.

Reynolds made an ad for Laughing Man Coffee while Jackman starred in a commercial for Reynold’s liquor company, Aviation Gin.

“Hey everyone, Ryan and I recently called it a truce in our social media war and we promised to make ads for each other,” Jackman says in the beginning of the video.

“We sure did. I’ve been working 24/7 on an ad for Hugh’s incredible coffee company Laughing Man and he’s been working hard, 24/7 I imagine, on an Aviation Gin ad so I’m going to go first, let’s roll it,” Reynolds says.

The Deadpool star lends his voice over beautiful, behind-the-scenes shots showing how the coffee is made, highlighting how profits from the company help communities in need.

“Hugh could be behind such a Hugh-roic company?” Reynolds asks. “Hm, you guessed it. My friend, Hugh Jackman. The loving and caring man who created Laughing Man. Make every cup count.”

“Wow, man, that was really professional,” Jackman tells Reynolds after the commercial wraps.

“Cost a million dollars,” Reynolds says.

Jackman then tells Reynolds he’s “not quite ready” to show his ad yet and it still needs editing, but Reynolds says to roll it.

The scene cuts to Jackman dressed in a suit, sitting in a leather chair with a bottle of Aviation Gin on the table.

“Ryan Reynolds is a complete and total f-ing ass—,” Jackman says directly to the camera. “The gin is pretty great though, I’ll have to try it some day.”

He then tilts the bottle on its side and lets it pour out onto the table.

“I’m sorry man I didn’t think the truce was actually real,” Jackman says to Reynolds, looking stunned after seeing the ad.

The actors’ long-running feud stems back to 2015, when Jackman posted a video on his Instagram of Reynolds impersonating him — Australian accent, and all — in his Deadpool makeup.

Since that time, Jackman and Reynolds, who co-starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, have continued their public trolling and found ways to poke fun at the other on social media.

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Most recently in December, Jackman, with the help of pal Jake Gyllenhaal pranked Reynolds by inviting him to an ugly Christmas sweater party that, well, wasn’t really an ugly Christmas sweater party.

The Deadpool actor later shared a photo of the incident to his Instagram. “These f–ing a——- said it was a sweater party.

Watch the full video, including their ads, above.

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