Ryan Reynolds and His Mom Get on Each Other's Nerves in New Aviation Gin Video

In honor of Mother's Day, Ryan Reynold's playful new video is an ode to how irritated kids of any age can get from Mom's unsolicited advice

Even Ryan Reynolds' own mom isn't immune to his witty banter.

This Mother's Day, the actor is spoofing hands-on moms in a new video where he pokes some good old-fashioned fun at his mom, Tammy Reynolds.

The Aviation Gin founder dropped the hilarious new video on his social media on Friday. It features the pair crafting a new cocktail, aptly named "Mother's Ruin Punch," and Ryan's well-seasoned sarcasm is cranked into full gear as he takes viewers through the step-by-step process.

The clip starts with the actor introducing what they're celebrating.

"It's almost Mother's Day. That time of year when we recognize our moms for all the love and support they show us. And today I've asked my own mom to help me raise a glass to mothers everywhere with a special cocktail called 'Mother's Ruin Punch,'" he says.

His mom chimes in after the opener. "I'm so proud of you honey," she says.

Ryan & Tammy Reynolds
Aviation American Gin

Ryan begins making the cocktail, pouring in sugar and club soda (wife Blake Lively's Betty Buzz version, of course), and then stirring it all up until the sugar dissolves.

"Always stir counterclockwise, honey," Tammy says as she repositions his spoon.

Immediately, Ryan nudges his mom's hands away. He stares at the camera with a deadpan facial expression. "Thank you," he sarcastically quips.

As The Adam Project star pours grapefruit juice into the bowl, Tammy interrupts to pick something off her son's green button-down. "Oh there's just something right by there," she says. Still pouring the juice, Ryan once again hilariously pushes her hands down to show his feigned discontent. "Okay," he says as he makes unamused eye contact with the camera.

While Ryan's mom didn't agree with much of his mixology choices, she certainly didn't approve of his lemon juice to vermouth ratio.

"Is that how you want to do it, sweetheart?" she interrupts him as he explains the amount of "sweet sweet" vermouth that mixes in the cocktail.

No hand brush-away or snide comment this time, Ryan completely ignores his mom's interjection as he smiles wide-eyed at the camera.

To top off the beverage, he pours in the star of the recipe — Aviation American Gin. Of course, it was a little too generous of a pour for his mom's taste. "Not too much!" she scolds.

He closes off the tutorial with a dry jab at his mom. "As this chills for an hour, you'll want to spend that time reflecting on everything your mom has done for you over the years," he says.

But Ryan loses all composure when Tammy chimes in for one last tweak: "I don't see any coasters."

Clearly, the Mother's Day collaboration drained all of his patience. "Or just add champagne while it's warm and drink the ever-loving sh-- out of it," he says, scooping a big serving into his glass. "Mmm Mother's Ruin."

At the close of the video, Tammy hilariously tells her son: "We can fix your performance in post, sweetheart." But it's Ryan who ultimately gets the final word. "Fix you in post," he whispers.

The mother-son duo break the fourth wall at the end of the parody clip and share a genuine laugh, celebrating their A-plus comedic performance.

Ryan's playful Mother's Day video comes after he and Lively appeared at the 2022 Met Gala on Monday. Parents to three daughters — James, Inez and Betty — the couple didn't just serve up looks on the red carpet, but they also were chosen as co-chairs at this year's event with the theme "Gilded Glamour."

Lively dominated the red carpet, embodying the Statue of Liberty in a copper Atelier Versace gown, which featured a reversible train. She wowed the carpet as she flipped it to reveal an aqua side. The actress told LaLa Anthony during the Vogue livestream that the dress represented the iconic statue's aging copper.

"I thought instead of looking to fashion to influence the dress, I looked to New York City architecture and the classic buildings," she told reporters at the star-studded event.

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