January 07, 2016 03:40 PM

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A wise man once said that sharing a drink called loneliness is better than drinking alone.

That man was Billy Joel in his 1973 hit “Piano Man.” Little did he know that 43 years later, drinking alone would become an obsolete notion — because, robots.

To combat the holiday blues, South Korean inventor Eunchan Park has created Drinky, an animatronic beanie-clad little man with an apparent predisposition towards alcoholism. The full story of how the robot came into this world is depressing enough to make you want a drink.

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“On Christmas in 2012, I drank Soju (Korean alcohol) alone because I had no girlfriend at that time. Drinking alone was definitely terrible!! So I couldn’t drink anymore,” Park states in his YouTube post.

His momentary solution? “I put an extra glass in front of me and poured Soju into it. And then, I cheered by myself with the glass of Soju, as though there was someone in front of me. Surprisingly, after that, the taste became totally to be changed!!!!!! WOW!!!”

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Wow, indeed. 😦 Watch the video below to see the full scope of Drinky’s talents.

As you can see, he does everything a real pal would: cheers with you, take shots with you, turn red after taking shots with you…well, that’s about it. Unlike a real person, though, Drinky’s alcohol goes undigested into a clear glass jar, so you can actually recycle his shot into your body afterwards. #Upgrade!

Also unlike real friends, Drinky will never spill your drunken secrets to mutual acquaintances or “accidentally” make out with your little brother at your 4th of July party. Drinky, you’re our new best friend.

Shay Spence, @chezspence

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