The NFL star’s fondness for adult beverages has been well documented

By Dan Gartland
June 20, 2017 12:55 PM

Rob Gronkowski’s fondness for adult beverages has been well documented but he really outdid himself on Saturday night.

The New England Patriots star spent part of his weekend with his brothers Gordie and Glenn at Shrine nightclub at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut where the Brothers Gronk joined Flo Rida on stage and a bunch of strangers grabbed at Rob’s ultra-muscular back.

Somewhere along the way, Gronk allegedly managed to run up a six-figure tab at the bar.

Here’s the kicker, though: That $102,407 total doesn’t even include the tip. In fact, Gronk’s bill was so high it broke the suggested gratuity calculations at the bottom of the receipt. A 20% tip would be $20,481.40, not $204.81 as the receipt says. I hope Gronk is good enough at math to spot the error. (He probably just tipped $69,000 anyway.)

UPDATE: Gronk says on Twitter that he didn’t actually drop six figures on liquor.

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That makes sense. The club probably comped everything in exchange for having him show up.

Anyway, TMZ got its hands on a better photo of the receipt. The biggest expenditures were $10,400 for 16 bottles of Grey Goose, $18,000 for 18 bottles of Ace of Spades Rosé champagne and $27,000 for 15 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne.

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