Roasted Turkey Flavored Pringles Are Here, Just in Time for Your Thanksgiving Feast

The flavor follows the release of Pringles' Friendsgiving Feast, which included chips tasting like turkey, duck and chicken

Photo: Pringles

Have a hankering for that Thanksgiving Day turkey early? Pringles has just the snack.

The snack company has released its latest holiday-themed flavor, Roasted Turkey, in stores for a limited time for those who prefer to gobble up their turkey in potato chip form.

“Don’t ask how we crammed this much roasted turkey flavor into every crisp,” the chip purveyor wrote on Twitter earlier this month. “Just be thankful we did. Get your pre-Thanksgiving fix with Limited Edition Pringles Roasted Turkey in stores RIGHT NOW.”

The poultry flavor isn’t just to be sensational, though — Pringles’ senior director of marketing Gareth Maguire said in a press release that the savory snack is for the greater good of the nearly half of Americans worried about ruining their Thanksgiving Day turkey.

“We said to ourselves, ‘If we’ve managed to capture perfect, fresh-out-of-the-oven Roasted Turkey flavor in a Pringles crisp, and we don’t use it to save people from their nasty-out-of-the-oven turkey fails, then who are we?'” Maguire said in the release.

“After two years of proving the power of a crisp-based feast with the Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner Kit, the time for a full-size Roasted Turkey can and Pringles Turkey Insurance has come.”

The release of the Roasted Turkey flavor comes after Pringles sold out of its “Friendsgiving Feast,” which featured the Turducken stack — which included chips flavored like turkey, duck and chicken.

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The kit also included Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie flavors, a jump from 2018, when the product only included three flavors: turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

“We pride ourselves on offering consumers insanely accurate flavors with endless stacking possibilities,” Maguire previously said. “For our third year, we created the perfect kit for those who are infatuated with the Thanksgiving meat masterpiece that is the almighty Turducken.”

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