Rick Springfield and Sammy Hagar Team Up Again for Beach Bar Rum

The pair have stayed close since working on their hit song "I've Done Everything for You."

Rick Springfield and Sammy Hagar are collaborating once again, but this time it doesn’t have anything to do with music.

The two musicians and pals have teamed up to relaunch one of Hagar’s spirit lines, which offers a collection of flavored rums called Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum. The brand was first started by Hagar, but Springfield is now becoming a partner and co-owner of the business.

“Our first collaboration was a home run so we thought why not try it again,” Springfield, 70, tells PEOPLE exclusively, referencing their musical partnership on the hit single “I’ve Done Everything for You.”

Rick Springfield (L) and Sammy Hagar
Rick Springfield (L) and Sammy Hagar. Paige K. Parsons

“Sammy has had such amazing success in the spirit business and I’ve wanted to get into it for a while now. When this opportunity came along I thought it was a brilliant idea,” the Australian star adds. “And I am an Earnest Hemingway fan so of course I drink rum. I’ve tried a bunch of them and the Beach Bar brand is a cut above all the ones I tried — smoother and sweeter.”

The duo are selling three different rums together: a classic white rum, the Kola Spiced rum and the Red Head Macadamia Nut rum.

Sammy Hagar Rick Springfield rum

The decision to partner up comes after Hagar similarly collaborated with chef Guy Fieri on his line of Santo tequila. “After launching my tequila line with friends, I realized how much more fun it is to be in the spirits business with friends,” Hagar, 72, tells PEOPLE.

“Rick and I go way back— we both had a hit with a song I wrote in the ’80s called ‘I’ve Done Everything for You’ and we’ve been friends ever since,” he adds. “Now we’re ready for our next hit with Beach Bar Rum in 2020.”

Per their website, the Red Head Macadamia Nut rum is made with their white rum but infused with macadamia nuts and a “red coloring agent made from all-natural fruit and vegetable juices to end up with a distinctly different and exotic tasting rum.”

The Kola Spiced rum also starts with their white rum, later blending in “numerous ingredients” with the kola nut, creating a spirit with “hints of vanilla and coffee.”

Hagar and Springfield will be pouring drinks at The STRAT in Las Vegas on Wednesday in honor of the launch.

Anyone eager to try one or more of the rums can find them at most major retailers, restaurants and bars throughout the U.S. However, they also offer a locator on their website.

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