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Apparently the toughest part of being a Top Chef judge isn’t eating copious amounts of food — it’s having to sit next to the stunning Padma Lakshmi.

Top Chef judge and Hungry Games host Richard Blais recently sat down with PEOPLE Chatter to answer five random questions including: What is the hardest thing about moving to the other side of the judges table after being a contestant?

Blais admitted that it was sitting next to fellow judge Lakshmi. Why? Because “she’s beautiful, and I’m a nerd. So that always makes me a little uncomfortable,” Blais explains.

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While we would never consider the suave chef and marathon finisher with perfectly coiffed hair (spoiler: he shares his secret styling product in the clip!) a nerd, we do will call into question his favorite pizza topping. Pineapple? Really, Blais?

Check out the full video to see how Blais defends his pizza preference, along with his thoughts on edible insects and that one food his kids just won’t eat.

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