Credit: Stephanie Kraus for TIME For Kids

By Jaime Joyce, TIME For Kids Editor

Cleveland has hosted Republican National Conventions twice before. First in 1924, and again, in 1936. Like any good host, the city has worked hard to make guests feel at home. Greeters were on hand at the airport, before the event’s official kick-off, to welcome delegates and members of the media. A visitor’s center downtown dispenses insider tips. Restaurants have even created special RNC-themed menus.

One such place is Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream, on the city’s west side. For convention week, the Ohio-based business has concocted two new flavors. “Elephant Tracks”—named after the Republican Party’s pachyderm mascot—is chocolate peanut butter ice cream with Spanish peanuts and chunks of fudge brownie. “You’re Fired”—a passionfruit sorbet spiked with spicy jalapeño pepper—gets its name from Donald Trump’s catchphrase on his reality television show, The Apprentice.

Credit: Stephanie Kraus for TIME For Kids

A vanilla ice-cream sundae topped with red raspberry sauce and jellybeans, called “The Gipper,” honors Ronald Reagan, America’s sweets-loving 40th president.

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But the big-ticket item at Mitchell’s is “The Primary.” Customers select 16 flavors from a “ballot” of 37 ice-cream flavors, and those 16 scoops are then topped with a golden-hued serving of “You’re Fired.” As Trump himself might say, the dessert is tremendous. It’s huge.

Credit: Stephanie Kraus for TIME For Kids

Among TIME For Kids’ panel of five tasters, “You’re Fired” drew mixed reviews. “I mean, I didn’t hate it,” TFK Reporter Maple Buescher, 13, said. It’s just that she liked the other 16 flavors better.

When all the votes were tallied, however, TFK’s tasters declared “The Primary” a winner.

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