Regina Hall Wants Her Fans to Take St. Patrick's Day Off with Help from a Jameson 'Desk Decoy'

Regina Hall appears in hilarious videos for Jameson Irish Whiskey showing off the uses of the life-size cardboard cutouts

Regina Hall Jameson
Regina Hall for Jameson Irish Whiskey. Photo: Jameson

St. Patrick's Day lands on a Friday this year — and Regina Hall wants her fans to take advantage!

The Girls Trip actress, 52, has teamed with Jameson Irish Whiskey to encourage her fellow Irish Whiskey lovers to use their PTO days and make Friday March 17 an SPTO (St. Patrick's Day Time Off) with the help of a custom Jameson "Desk Decoy" — a life-sized version to "stand in" for you this holiday.

In a series of hilarious videos directed by Lauren Palmigiano, Hall shows how she uses her Jameson Desk Decoy to navigate her own SPTO. The videos show the actress and producer's Jameson Desk Decoy reviewing scripts, participating in a colleague's birthday party, and standing-in during a photo shoot while the real Hall is out celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

"I feel like it's a really celebratory holiday," Hall tells PEOPLE of St. Patrick's Day. "I shot a film in Ireland, and I was in Ireland for quite a while, a few months. And my roommate in college was Irish. I actually came to quite enjoy the way the Irish celebrated and that history. So that's where I first really discovered it, it was a roommate and then going to Ireland. I used to just like it because I like green!"

For Hall, pairing up with Jameson Irish Whiskey was a no-brainer. "It's a brand that I've known forever my entire life," she says. "I think shockingly their sensibility and mine, it's kind of similar."

As for how she enjoys her whiskey, Hall prefers it "on the rocks," she says. "In the winter, I also like it neat. But I do like to have it on the rocks with ginger ale and lime."

Consumers can visit to customize their Jameson Desk Decoy by selecting from a line of SPTO-inspired outfits and uploading their headshot. Orders are open until March 10 to ensure fans get their Jameson Desk Decoy delivered in time for SPTO on March 17.

Because not everyone can take St. Patrick's Day off — especially those who work in bar and restaurant industries — the brand will donate all proceeds from the Jameson Desk Decoy sales to the Restaurant Workers' Community Fund (RWCF), on top of an additional $25,000 donation, continuing its longstanding partnership with the organization.

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